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During the fall season, it is likely to be sunny and warm at least a few times before the snow hits. On these days, a skirt or dress with tall boots and a jacket is a perfect go-to outfit for almost any occasion. It works for going to class because the long walk can make you sweat. Simply take off the jacket and tie it around your waist to keep cool, and still look trendy.

This Fashionista executes the warm fall day look perfectly. Her corduroy skirt works to keep her cool, but the fabric and the color works for fall fashion. To keep warm, she wore a simple turtleneck sweater. However, to keep the look interesting she layered her sweater with a long statement necklace.  If the day got colder, this Fashionista brought along her go-to leather jacket to give her look some edge. Finally, she completed her ensemble with black booties, a snakeskin cross-body and metallic sunglasses.

This Fashionista’s look can be worn to class, lunch or a fancy dinner. It can be dressed up with heeled booties or dressed down with cute sneakers as well. The look itself is a combination of different styles like the edgy leather jacket and the conservative turtleneck. This is an easy way to make the outfit unique.

Combining different style elements is most useful when wearing summer clothing like skirts in the fall. The next time the weather gets all mixed up, try mixing up your wardrobe for the day and incorporate different styles and staple items for a diverse look.

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